There is a certain conceit as a writer around hoping you’ll be remembered in the future.

But my reality is I’ll disappear after a single generation or perhaps two.

The transient nature of electronic media is unlike the black and white photographs of my parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents that survive multiple generations. And an ebook isn’t even close in staying power when compared to the century-old books on my shelves.

A faulty hard drive and disintegrating electrons consign my children’s, children’s memories to electronic chaff.

So while I have excellent black and white picture of my great grandparents, there…

Are you as confused about effective supplements? And your health? And do you really know how good your supplements are?

The honest truth is that I don’t know enough myself. It’s a confusing subject and my primary research hasn’t reassured me at all.

You see, there’s so much marketing and self-serving bovine excretia flowing over our media, the average person hasn’t a prayer of understanding or keeping up with the data flow. I know when I decided to lose weight and improve my diet, I immediately felt lost and completely out of touch. There were so many “helping voices” out…

Here are six factors research has identified as important in longevity amidst all the popular press headlines.

I have spent a significant amount of time researching longevity because I thought living forever sounded like a very good idea. (And frankly, it could also make a decent how-to ebook according to the research I did on Publisher Rocket.)

But, after spending a significant amount of time and resources on this research, I discovered science says — contrary to popular beliefs — there are really only a limited number of factors under our control.

Here are the basic factors research suggests controls our longevity.


The most important factor in living a long life is having parents who lived a long life too.

  • In my case, my mother made 93…

Build a Better Brain At Any Age by Sanjay Gupta, MD.

Let me make this short and sweet.

This is a decent book if you’re new to reading or trying to understand about Alzheimer’s disease.

The 12-week programme steps are useful if you are a new to beginning an Alzheimer’s prevention programme, or if you’ve ignored every other bit of advice in the media this would be a useful series of exercises. You can read the reviews here on Amazon.

This is a so-so book with little new in it if you’ve been following the research or reading other books such as Bredeson’s “The End of Alzheimer’s”.

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Brain…

For the second year in a row, I wound up with a serious cold in January that flattened me for 4–5 weeks. It wasn’t that I just had a cold. It was I could barely lift my head off the pillow. ( As an aside, my physician says I likely had pneumonia and if it happens again to “drag my butt into her office!”)

My sense though it was a Christmas cold delivered by a team of children and grandchildren from different schools and continents who believe in hugging Papa.

  • I’ll risk the cold to focus on the love.
  • But…

I’ve been faced with a lot of choices in the past few months as I disengage from old projects and adopt new ones. (as an aside, there are few things as powerful as a world-wide epidemic to focus your attention on the truly important stuff.) I remembered a mantra from “back in the day” and hunted down the author.

Derek Sivers produced a lot of content, and one thing that stuck with me was his approach to projects. When approached with an idea, his response was either ‘Hell Yeah” or “No”. If he couldn’t get excited about the project in…

I’ve been interested (and somewhat involved) in a variety of activities and research into fitness and life extension for the past few years.

In that time, I’ve run across some seriously smart people trying really dumb things.

On the stupid-front, I just read a post from an individual who decided to try some cold water activities. Note, that after he does it, he says you shouldn’t. Then why…

But instead of doing a 5-minute cold treatment in a river in a shower or at the edge of a natural watercourse, this individual decided he’d go swimming out in the freezing…

One of the hardest things a writer has to do is constantly outgrow their world.

The hard reality is it is only by recognizing multiple paths forward in both craft and creativity and abandoning old visions will a creator have room for innovation.

But the fan base you’ve built, those who’ve bought your work and paid the bills, those people don’t want you to change. Nope. Not a bit of it.

Here’s my dilemma, I can stay in the old way of doing things to make my fans happy or I can go all creative and make myself happy.

My guess is that by staying in one place — a safe place -I’m going to…

Douglas Green

Former nurseryman, now writing fiction as well as award-winning gardening books and website posts.

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